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  • Josh Trembowski| 16/06/2018

    can u guys just shut up if ur saying "its always black". we r human beings if we are green blue black or orange we r humans for fucksake

  • Claire Nicholls| 16/06/2018

    Gawd african women, god bless em, they luv a bargin don't they.

  • A Amini| 16/06/2018

    obviously this is in peckham…

  • kwelboss| 16/06/2018

    No, no, no , no!

  • Brandon Hui| 16/06/2018

    its always the black….

  • njgabb| 16/06/2018

    LOL that woman at the end shouting no no no

  • zero chris| 16/06/2018


  • TheRockbunny11| 16/06/2018

    Thats crazy haha! 🙂

  • jushdoinme| 16/06/2018

    @natdea so do you white people.. simple!!!

  • Pixiee Beyou| 16/06/2018

    im not a raceist..but you black ppl never ceased to amaze me with your stupidity.

  • Fatara Odifa| 16/06/2018

    it has to be nigerians firstly, and i laughed so hard at this 🙂

  • Lauren Anderson| 16/06/2018

    its like all grannnyss aswell
    LMFAO !!
    woooo go team :L x

  • kwelboss| 16/06/2018

    Mo back o nimi faye! Oh Ohhhhh! 22pee

  • Alexis Angeles| 16/06/2018

    fucking typical :/

  • Laura Wandless| 16/06/2018

    muhhaaa they just love primark just tht little bit 22 much tht y u go to new look

  • Nicola Howson| 16/06/2018

    Lmaooo Thank goodness my local primark isnt like this 😐 !!!

  • GreenDaySims| 16/06/2018


  • teaandcrrumpets| 16/06/2018

    oh ladeeeda

  • teaandcrrumpets| 16/06/2018

    no no no no

  • shirshirt| 16/06/2018

    thats not funny…

  • TCt83067695| 16/06/2018

    why not? we legends! why u gotta pay more for something you can get for much less…please

  • Basia Zamorska| 16/06/2018


  • Jason Cooper| 16/06/2018

    WHy does it always have 2 be nigerians

  • lol2k20| 16/06/2018

    this was on a BBC panorama documentary called Primark: On the rack. aired BBC1 23rd june.

  • d2k08| 16/06/2018

    "nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo dont do that" lmao 😀

  • onizuka eikichi| 16/06/2018

    anyways faralith dnt take it to heart-im sure you didnt mean to b offensive:)
    oh n that lady is too funny-no no noh dont do that-she seems seriously hurt!

  • onizuka eikichi| 16/06/2018

    darling are you blind-im not sure you have much cultural awareness. You see most of those ladies in the video? they are of african descent-Africa and India are in two very different places:) Als can i just say that being of asian skin colour does not make you INDIAN-seriously how can you tell that shit-do these people have it written on their forheads?nope not that i can see.

  • Sgt Silock| 16/06/2018

    Why is it all indians?

  • amadna mead| 16/06/2018

    hahaa i work in primark (part time just wile im at uni) in lakeisde in essex and there was a sale on and this women was havin a go at my manager cos some other women took the last size 12 top and the two women and my manager ended up havin a huge argument just cos they cudnt understand its first come first serve.. and not 2 mention the other scummy things i ave seen.. u gota love itt x

  • The Duce Family| 16/06/2018

    yeah! i work at primark in wakefield.

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